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Phi Delta Theta provides an opportunity for growth as an individual and as a member of a high-class organization. We offer social, scholastic, athletic, philanthropic, and leadership opportunities, but the most important opportunity that we offer is Brotherhood.

This fraternity was founded on the ideal of Brotherhood. The greatest part of a fraternity is the bond that is created between its members. At Phi Delta Theta, our bond is strong. We share good times and bad. We share joy and sadness. We share victory and defeat, but most of all we share Brotherhood.

As a Phikeia, you will learn valuable lessons of life, lessons that can't be taught in a classroom. You will learn to manage an organization, to lead and to follow, and to develop as a person. Most importantly, you will understand the imperfections in yourself and others and learn to overcome them. You will share you greatest moments of triumph with your brothers. As a Phikeia of Phi Delta Theta, a man surrenders none of his legal or social rights, none of his family or personal ties, none of his moral or religious ideals and standards. His status as a free individual changes only in that he has voluntarily taken on a new responsibility by following the ideals of Phi Delta Theta. A Phikeia of Phi Delta Theta will be expected to conduct his personal life in a manner that will reflect the beliefs that Phi Delta Theta was founded on. Anyone given the opportunity to pledge Phi Delta Theta has the chance to join one of the most respectable fraternal organizations today.


Go Far!

The Bond of Phi Delta Theta

Seth Woolsey
Recruitment/Phikeia Educator


Stats About Greek Life

  • 80% of fortune 500 companies' executives are Fraternity men.
  • 76% of all US Congressmen are Fraternity men.
  • All but 3 US Presidents have been Fraternity men since 1825.

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